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Relic The Relic Trilogy. Immortal Born Argeneau Vampire : Book Dark Illusion Dark : Book Sapphire Flames Hidden Legacy Book 4. The Bane Chronicles Bane Chronicles. Practical Magic. The complex radiation bloodline lets you choose unique mutations instead of bonus spells and the complex rust bloodline just begs to be used in any setting that features a leitmotif of decay and or renewal. Becoming the heir to the snow queen also is rather cool haha As a nitpick, the Solar bloodline's supplemental feat lacks the Metamagic-descriptor in the header, though that ultimately does not impede its functionality Swarm bloodline, baby.

Similarly, the complex wanderlust bloodline is cool, providing an assortment of abilities generally associated with romantic notions of wandering, from danger sense to pulling all-nighters and making items from natural ingedients. This is, however, not where the pdf ends - beyond supplemental material for two classes, this whole book can be seen as a colossal playing field for the new bloodlord base class.

Bloodlords pick two bloodrager and two sorceror bloodlines at first level, which are then divided into pairs, with a bloodrager and sorcero bloodline each. These bloodlines must share a single parent and this choice is not limited by alignment. The bloodlord has bloodrager bloodline power slots at 1st level, gaining an additional one at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter - these slots are distinguished between bloodrager and sorceror - basically allowing for the flexible assignment of powers gained from the bloodlines of the character.

They get bonus feats at 2nd level and every 4 levels thereafter and bonus spells at 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Bonus spells are gained from both bloodline bearing classes according to strict guidelines, with the granting of multiple spells being accounted for -said spells, however, are cast as SPs.

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It should also be noted that multiclassing into bloodline-featuring bloodlines is possible, with guidelines, once again, being included in the rules. These talents remain active for as long as the bloodlord remains in the bloodboil-state and one such talent can be added to the state. It should be noted, that unlike a bloodrage or the like, this state does not provide bonuses to attributes, but neither does it have a fatigue cool down, which means you can cycle the effects of sanguinokentic talents. At 11th level, bloodlords may activate up to two such talents per bloodboil, though they have to pay for both.

Getting a reflexive disarm, better saves, SR, using bloodboil rounds as a resource to cast bloodline spell-like abilities quicker - there are some pretty tricky combos you can pull off with this class. However, the transfusion pool also has a use on its own - it can be used to quickswap slotted bloodline powers, temporarily gain bloodline arcanas and at 6th level grant willing touched creatures filled bloodline slots - which allows for some very interesting tricks.

Higehr levels make btw. The class comes btw. Expanding the SPs ad various numerical tricks of the class can be done via the new feats, which btw. The base-class also sports jno less than 4 archetypes - the bloodbottler loses the quickswapping of slots and flexibility, but may bottle his unused powers and hand them to eligible drinkers - basically, a less spontaneous variant. The Claimant picks only a single sorceror and bloodrager bloodline - but here's the catch - they gain an "empty" Eldritch Heritage that he may fill by touching a particular blood, claiming the power.

This is retained until the claimant decides to forget it after resting and opt for a new one. And yes, the feature improves over the levels. You essentially trade in bloodlines for more flexibility in choosing and also gain transfusion pool points at odd levels instead, starting at third. The Enigmatist is a pretty complex one - basically, think of these guys as bloodlords sans bloodlines, who instead focus on mysteries and revelations. The final archetype, the mongrel lord, may choose all bloodline abilities up to from a maximum of 6 bloodlines , but gains neither bloodline arcanas and class skills.

Basically, the archetype grants you the option to cherry-pick abilities, yes; but at the cost of gaining the proper powers of the respective, diluted options.

Additionally, these guys gain limited access to evolutions and a pretty impressive transfusion pool - but the archetype loses all sangiokinesis talents for this flexibility as well as the arcane awakening, quickswap and transfusion class features. As a nice service to the reader, we close this book with a glossary of 3pp-bloodlines by product. Thanks, Liz! There will be a revision of this document in about a week. If you find an issue, report it and I'll get to it then. I don't think the revision was set up correctly at the Paizo end -- it does not go to "Personalizing My other PDF purchases are downloading now.

Something to look into when more serious matters settle down. Never mind -- the results of downloading attempts changed several times until I was able to download the revision. Only once did it look like the old familiar issue of an un-downloadable file. So there is probably no problem here unless others mention having issues.

Do you think it's reasonable to chalk that up as "busy Paizo servers" thanks to the Humble Bundle? Editing and formatting are top-notch for a book of this size - while there are some minor formatting hiccups in this book, it still can be considered to be well-edited. The pdf comes fully bookmarked with nested bookmarks. As per the writing of this review, I can't yet comment on the print-version.

There are more mechanical, unique tweaks to bloodlines herein that I have ever seen before in my career. We have a stunning assortment of cool subsystems, evocative ideas and concepts in this book, an array that manages in several cases to bring player-agenda to the table: Big time.

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Choose the right bloodline and you'll have quite a bunch of cool customization options. No matter which type of game you're playing, be it high fantasy, dark fantasy, horror or just plain gonzo weirdness - this book has you covered. The bloodlord per se is a great addition as well, though, by nature of its openness, a class that does require a bit of GM-oversight: Considering the amount of bloodlines out there, though, this is no wonder and not something that could have been avoided.

While personally, I consider the mongrel lord a bit too much for some groups, I can just as well picture plenty of campaigns in which it will flawlessly work. Well, that question is pretty easily answered - this book, at least for me, ups the ante of what to expect from bloodlines.

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It may be the book that ended bloodlines, the go-to-tome. And bloodragers in particular need this book - think about quite a few of the bloodlines in this tome as archetype-level complexity without locking you out of your favorite one.

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Same goes for sorcerors, obviously Don't be content with boring filler bloodlines - get yourself some truly unique tricks! Reviewed first on endzeitgeist. Eric, this is pretty much the book to end bloodlines. I sincerely doubt I'll ever see a better book on the subject matter. So I got it, and the review is spot on. What's annoying me was the expectation of the previous Bloodlines and such were going to be included in this. The big book should include the rest of the established Bloodlines since it was expanding them to create parent and child variations for crying out loud.

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Part II of my review is in the product discussion. See you there! Product Discussion 13 Search Thread. Search this Thread:. Now available! Part II of my review Conclusion: Editing and formatting are top-notch for a book of this size - while there are some minor formatting hiccups in this book, it still can be considered to be well-edited. Endzeitgeist out. Just so you know, End, your review really makes me want to buy this PDF. Was waiting on a sweet deal for this book.

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  • Wish was granted :. They weren't, so I'm left with buyer's remorse and dissapointment. Recent threads in Product Discussion. The Big Book of Bloodlines includes: pages of sorcerer and bloodrager bloodlines, including weird bloodline concepts like addiction to caffeine or EXTREME culinary talent Over 20 complex bloodlines, which turn the bloodline concept on its head The Bloodlord base class, including four archetypes, the power-sharing Bloodbottler, the power-stealing Claimant, the mysteries-instead-of-bloodlines Enigmatist, and the mutant Mongrel Lord A glossary of assigned children for 80 already-printed bloodlines from Dreamscarred Press, Interjection Games, Necromancers of the Northwest, and Purple Duck Games Extensive bookmarks and navigational aids at the header of every page Product Availability Fulfilled immediately.

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