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You may have opportunities to join or lead clubs or groups. Group activities and associations could be avenues for fulfilling your own goals. You may take special joy in sharing a common cause or ideals with others.

Horoscope Cancer

You are especially hopeful and more inclined to believe that if you wish it, it will be! Income from your business or career is likely to increase. You might find yourself more tolerant of others in general, and of differences in values. Reaching out beyond your personal circle can certainly open doors to you and bring joy into your life during this cycle. You might also expand your social circle through work, or while pursuing health goals. Also, Jupiter can bring too much of a good thing at times, and you might find that your social agenda is crammed or that you have taken on more friends or goals than you can reasonably handle.

The most favorable periods for these matters occur while Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar eleventh house, from June 4th to August 30th, and then from December 25th forward. This transit lasts until June Jupiter transits sextile your Sun from June 4th forward, making it an excellent time to start new long-term projects.

You might find that you feel subtly more vital, confident, and optimistic about the future at this time. Saturn transits your solar fourth house again this year. Saturn here urges you to get serious about home, family, and domestic concerns. In fact, you may be stripping some things away—perhaps even downsizing or de-cluttering—and adding structure to your domestic life. You face issues surrounding your attachments to the past. Sometimes this manifests as literal re-organization of your home.

Moving house is not typically associated with this transit as it would if, for example, Uranus was the transiting planet. If moves are made, you might encounter some resistance in yourself. This is not a time when you feel particularly brave in the outer world. However, reorganization in your home, and more importantly, in your soul, embodies the true nature of this transit.

Limitations that came from early family conditioning will be brought to the fore. At first, there may be some frustration with your life to date, and how you have limited your opportunities because of early conditioning. A feeling of being alone and unsupported in life may dominate now. You may experience some distancing or frustrations regarding your parents. Family obligations may get in the way of your experience of pleasure and of the achievement of your personal goals. There may be some emotional distancing as well in your home. Delays and slowdowns may be experienced in the areas of health, mobility, and career.

However, all of these things are occurring now in order that you face your responsibilities, become more self-sufficient, and more organized. Ultimately, you are learning to rely on yourself and to take care of things that you may have previously neglected but that have undermined your confidence in yourself and in your life.

Saturn is no longer in square to your Sun, so the transit mentioned directly above has passed its acute stage and you are more likely to be at peace with yourself and your responsibilities. For those of you born June and those with a Cancer Ascendant of degrees , Pluto is in your solar seventh house this year, and you are likely to be facing the deeper, and possibly darker, elements of your own personality through your close interactions with another. There can be power struggles and the facing of fears before eventual healing.

For those of you born June and those with an Ascendant of degrees Cancer , intensity is part of the picture this year with Pluto opposing your Sun or Ascendant. Changes in the way you relate to others are afoot. Power struggles are possible in close personal relationships. Your relationships tend to have distinct themes revolving around personal power, domination, jealousy, manipulation, or self-will. Your biggest enemy during this period is resentment, which can act to eat away your confidence and healthy state of mind.

The Week Ahead for Cancer

As well, the influence of Pluto entering your seventh house can point to taking a casual romantic affair to a new level. For the rest of you, these issues will arise in the coming years. Major changes in the structure of your close personal relationships, and in your attitude towards them, are in store. Some of you might already feel these matters rumbling or brewing under the surface. For those of you born June , and those with a Cancer Ascendant of degrees , Uranus begins or continues its lengthy transit of your solar tenth house. Your career direction changes and your relationships with authority figures may be more challenging during this long-term cycle.

Do your best to avoid impulsive decision-making that is built upon your desire to be a free spirit. You may recognize talents that you never knew you had, and this can be a sudden, exciting discovery. For those of you born June July 1 , Uranus continues to transit your solar ninth house. If you do get a chance to travel, which could come up quite unexpectedly, unusual and eye-opening experiences may be in store for you. The people that you meet this year tend to stir you into new ways of thinking. You are less inclined towards a personal philosophy that is traditional now, and more attracted to more avant-garde or simply progressive belief systems.

The influence of Neptune is similar to last year for most of you. Neptune continues to transit your solar eighth house, as it has been doing for a number of years. You may encounter some challenges regarding shared finances or property. A loan or other form of support may come through unexpectedly, even in a mysterious fashion. Intimate relationships can be highly colorful, perhaps with spiritual undercurrents, but possibly a little confusing.

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The boundaries that are normally drawn between what is yours and what is mine may be blurred somewhat this year. A partner could have unsettled finances, and this could impact your own finances. Do be wary of anything that even slightly resembles fraud. Lending others money may be a lesson in frustration during this cycle. Your overall perspective on life begins to significantly expand, and you are more willing to embrace unusual, mystical, or spiritual philosophies.

It stimulates your imagination and intuition. Your words are more poetic and perhaps even inspirational. Participation in the arts, music, entertainment, community service, spiritual practice, or religious pursuits can be enhanced this year. Do what you dream of doing, and trust your inner knowledge and intuition at the point before it gets distorted by logic. Refreshing interludes such as a vacation or other relaxing forms of entertainment are more possible now.

Others see you in a sweet light—you are more charming than usual, and your artistic, creative, and compassionate side is apparent and most appreciated. This influence is a subtly healing one. Others look upon you with more respect, tolerance, and acceptance. You have the chance to shine, largely because you are projecting yourself with self-respect and modesty at once.

You are especially appealing and charming during this transit just by being yourself. Opportunities—both personal and professional—are likely to present themselves as a result. You are not looking for credit for what you do, which frees you up to get it anyhow! New friendships are likely to emerge this year—supportive and easygoing ones. Eclipses in fall in your solar first and seventh houses and your solar sixth and twelfth houses this year. Issues of personal courage, confidence, and independence come to the fore again this year.

You may, for example, receive a cosmic push towards expressing yourself more creatively and experience an increased drive to take charge of your life. Issues surrounding personal appearance, the body, and your image become especially important and, in some cases, critical. Basically, you will be learning to stand on your own two feet! Partnerships may be tested, but there is nothing to fear if the relationship is strong. The seventh house represents an important one-to-one relationship—a marriage partner, significant other, business partner, or an adversary. Additionally, circumstances urge you to rid yourself of guilt about under-performing, and to develop faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan.

There could be changes necessary in your job or health routines. You can use this surge of emotional energy to make positive changes to your routines. Do something to improve your work conditions if they are annoying you. Get going on your exercise or nutrition program that you know you have to do in order to feel more balanced. A positive connection between your eleventh and seventh houses this year suggests that friendships can be especially supportive. A friend could be integral in achieving your goals, and partnering with a friend in some tangible way can be part of the picture this year.

Some of you may take a friendship into unexplored romantic territory, or meet a significant person through a friend or group association. Jupiter trines Pluto in July and then again in October. This transit generally favors business, the law, and commerce. We might enjoy increased influence, faith, and insight now.

The desire for more personal significance can lead us to give of ourselves or motivate us to more ambitiously pursue personal or professional goals. The ability to sway or persuade can be enhanced now. One of the most positive uses of this transit involves taking steps to better ourselves. We might solve a problem that has been in existence for some time, or capitalize upon a resource that was previously hidden or unacknowledged. Jupiter also forms favorable aspects to Neptune and Chiron from June forward.

For you, romantic relationships can be more growth-oriented, forward-looking, and enthusiastic. Creative endeavors are likely to be quite successful. Relationships with children grow, and opportunities to have fun expand. More tolerance and warmth can be generated in romance now. You are also more focused and ambitious when it comes to your work as well as health and fitness programs during this cycle.

Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Get ready to flap those wings. The area of relationships is where Saturn is going to do his best work. And many Cancerians will marry or divorce. The eclipses of January, July and December fall on the relationship axis so there will be an element of fate to your meeting a new love and separating from an old one! That theme of decisions being made for you is at its strongest in your love life. July and December are important months for your love life, and for many Cancerians it will be people you have known in the past or who have shared similar powerful experiences who will have the greatest effect on your future.

The year begins with Uranus in its dominant position in the area of career and life-goals, so especially if you were born toward the end of your sign there could still be some surprises and sudden changes to take on board. Uranus inspires the entrepreneur-within so if a job comes to an end, starting your own business or becoming a consultant could be the best way forward. Until December Jupiter will transit the zone of work, stimulating your work-ethic, adding to your prestige and encouraging progress. And with more work finances should improve.

January and October are the best times to buy or sell property and to invest in your future, but as goes on you should aim to conserve funds and, if you have stocks or investments, rationalize them. Aspects of your life need tying up. The longer you leave a difficult decision, the worse it will be.

Personality and characteristics

As you know Cancerians get attached to things — people, places, habits and activities — but if you know something or someone is not good for you, you have to say no. There is always a reason why things happen the way they do, but your job is to take affirmative action in the wake of them. Astrolutely Fabulous! Forecast Cancer. You can now Subscribe to the Weekly Astrology Video.

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Monday, 30 September — Sunday, 6 October. Now or never. The Month Ahead for Cancer. September There is a misconception that astrologers can see the future as if we were watching scenes playing out on a cinema screen. We open our ephemerides planetary timetable and take endless notes on when the alignments are at their strongest and what they might mean for this person, that country or this event. Often it can seem as if fate has the upper hand, but although we cannot prevent every event that happens to us we can choose what we do in the wake of it.

We have free will. Not everything is set in stone. Actions have consequences. We make choices. The Year Ahead for Cancer. General This is the second year in which Saturn will play an important role in stabilizing your life and enabling you to prioritize. Love and relationships The area of relationships is where Saturn is going to do his best work.

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Work, life goals and finance The year begins with Uranus in its dominant position in the area of career and life-goals, so especially if you were born toward the end of your sign there could still be some surprises and sudden changes to take on board. My Monthly Forecast Click on your sign. Your monthly forecast will follow the weekly forecast.