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The Bigfoot Blunder

Aug 22, J. Smith rated it it was amazing. What I liked: There were so many things that I liked about this book. One thing was that Mr. The FBI agent is deeply human and very hilarious but when the time comes to do his job and save a life, he does it without question and cares nothing for the recognition that comes as a result.

I also enjoyed the dynamic between Jack and his maybe-daughter Karen. He immediately took on the role of father without even having the full confirmation of her parentage. Finally, concerning the story itself, it had all the twists and turns of the first book and then some.

The Bigfoot Blunder (Audiobook) by Amanda M. Lee |

Just when you expect that one thing will happen, something totally different takes place and knocks your socks off. And Carpenter does so with writing that is less flowery and more real and rhythmic. It was written well, the pacing was spectacular, and the characters were highly-developed, relateable, and interesting. My only upset is that this series ends after the next book. It was perfect. Apr 06, Jylly rated it it was amazing. I love the writing style, character, and development or lack thereof!

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HA oh Jack! Another page turner, highly recommended. Feb 17, Jerry rated it really liked it. Good Book. Fast Paced. I Liked the book. Carpenter is a good author. He may not be great, but he is a solid 4 star for me. Fast paced book with a lot of action and pretty good dialogue. This is the 2nd book I have read in his Back Rhodes series. Apr 25, Anita B. Adams rated it it was amazing. Another way on packed mystery!

Great plot. Mindbending psychological taunts keep you rearding non-stop until the complex final twisted ending! This is a must read! Oct 16, Phyllis rated it it was amazing. Awesome This was a great book, the mystery was on every page. It was easy reading but held my interest throughout the entire book so glad it was on the free list ,. May 10, Sandra Burns rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyable I really enjoy this character. He gets into all kinds of trouble, and he is a writer.

Keeps your interest. May 01, Judy Bicknell rated it really liked it. Jack Rhodes Rules! The perfect story! Couldn't put it down!

‘Dark Places’ Adds ‘Jack The Giant Slayer’s’ Nicholas Hoult

Wonderfully written, savagely real - just a top notch story! Great job by author Stephen Carpenter! Aug 10, R. Templeton Kain rated it it was amazing. I still have a couple of his titles to get through This IS a modern tale with that throw-back style. But it was more than just a schtick version of an old 40s detective story. The pacing is good, and the story moved where it needed to and slowed down only briefly, I never lost interest. The voice given to the characters resonated, I really liked Jack Rhodes, he's sort of flawed but is aware of it.

He doesn't BS, and he doesn't pull punches. And he does it with heart. Mar 05, Doug Burris rated it it was amazing. Another non- stop thrill ride.

The secret identity of Jack the Ripper

Lived book 2 just as I loved book 1 of the jack Rhodes Mysteries. Just couldn't read it fast enough, which I did in one sitting. Am absolutely great book. Nov 13, Beth rated it really liked it. Not quite as good as "Killer", the first Jack Rhodes mystery, but still a gripping story with a lot of action. Jan 22, Dayle rated it really liked it. Interesting but more of long short story, novella I read it in one night.

Great price Jul 17, Kary rated it liked it. Nov 10, chelepissbcglobal. This book was great but nowhere near as good as Killer was. I enjoyed it but it lacked the fast paced excitement of the first book. Jun 23, Stephanie Wilson rated it liked it. It was ok Jun 11, Robbie rated it really liked it Shelves: own-e-book , mystery-thriller , lendable , 4-stars-plus , series , jim-read.

Rated this one 4. My third Carpenter book and I am a fan of Jack Rhodes. I plan to read more. May 08, Melody rated it it was amazing. Great read! Cindy Rice rated it really liked it Aug 25, Bernie Schmaltz rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Richard Theobald rated it liked it Aug 06, Sharon McKeiver rated it it was amazing Nov 14, Pam rated it it was ok Apr 08, Sue Edelmann rated it really liked it Jan 07, Jennifer Gonzales rated it it was amazing Oct 10, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. About Stephen Carpenter. Stephen Carpenter. He seemed properly grateful that he no longer had to scrounge for food and shelter and he showed his appreciation in countless ways. Just this morning, Hannah had found the hindquarters of a mouse in the center of the kitchen table, right next to the drooping African violet that she kept forgetting to water.

While most of her female contemporaries would have screamed for their husbands to remove the disgusting sight, Hannah had picked up the carcass by the tail and praised Moishe lavishly for keeping her condo rodent-free. She was just pulling on her leather gloves, preparing to leave, when the phone rang. Hannah glanced at the apple-shaped wall clock, which she'd found at a garage sale.

It was only sixA. Her mother wouldn't call this early, would she? Moishe looked up from his bowl with an expression that Hannah interpreted as sympathy. He didn't like Delores Swensen and he had done nothing to hide his feelings when she'd dropped in for surprise visits at her daughter's condo. After suffering through several pairs of shredded pantyhose, Delores had decided that she would limit her socializing to their Tuesday-night mother-daughter dinners. Hannah picked up the phone, cutting off the answering machine in midmessage, and sighed as she heard her mother's voice. I'm ready to walk out the door, so we'll have to keep this short.

I'm already late for work. Moishe raised his tail and shook it, pointing his posterior at the phone. Hannah stifled a giggle at his antics and gave him a conspiratorial wink. If he wants to contact me, he'll have to look it up. Hannah frowned as her mother went into her familiar litany on the proper way to attract a man.

Their dinner last night had been a disaster. When she'd arrived at her mother's house, Hannah had encountered two additional guests: her mother's newly widowed neighbor, Mrs. Carrie Rhodes, and her son, Norman.

Hannah had been obligated to make polite conversation with Norman over sickeningly sweet Hawaiian pot roast and a chocolate-covered nut cake from the Red Owl Grocery as their respective mothers beamed happily and remarked on what a charming couple they made. Once Delores got started on a subject, it was impossible to get a word in edgewise. Her mother believed that a woman approaching thirty ought to be married, and even though Hannah had argued that she liked her life the way it was, it hadn't prevented Delores from introducing her to every single, widowed, or divorced man who'd set foot in Lake Eden.

Norman seems very nice, but What on earth had convinced Delores that her eldest daughter would be interested in a balding dentist, several years her senior, whose favorite topic of conversation was gum disease? Moishe seemed to sense that his mistress was frustrated because he reached out with one orange paw and flipped over his food bowl.

KILLER (A Jack Rhodes Mystery Book 1)

Hannah stared at him in surprise for a moment, and then she began to grin. Moishe just knocked over his food bowl and I've got Meow Mix all over the floor. Then she swept up the cat food, dumped it in the trash, and poured in fresh food for Moishe. She added a couple of kitty treats, Moishe's reward for being so clever, and left him munching contentedly as she rushed out the door.

Hannah hurried down the steps to the underground garage, unlocked the door to her truck, and climbed in behind the wheel. When she'd opened her business, she'd bought a used Chevy Suburban from Cyril Murphy's car lot. She'd painted it candy-apple red, a color that was sure to attract notice wherever it was parked, and arranged for the name of her business — The Cookie Jar — to be painted in gold letters on the front doors. As Hannah drove up the ramp that led to ground level, she met her next-door neighbor coming home.

Phil Plotnik worked nights at DelRay Manufacturing, and Hannah rolled down the window to pass on the warning that their water would be shut off between ten and noon. Then she used her gate card to exit the complex and turned North onto Old Lake Road. It was the scenic route, winding around Eden Lake.

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When the tourists arrived in the summer, some of them were confused by the names. Hannah always explained it with a smile when they asked. The lake was named "Eden Lake," and the town that nestled next to its shore was called "Lake Eden. There was a real nip in the air this morning, not unusual for the third week in October. Autumn was brief in Minnesota, a few weeks of turning leaves that caused everyone to snap photographs of the deep reds, gaudy oranges, and bright yellows. After the last leaf had fallen, leaving the branches stark and bare against the leaden skies, the cold north winds would start to blow.

Then the first snowfall would arrive to the delight of the children and the stoic sighs of the adults. While sledding, ice-skating and snowball fights might be fun for the kids, winter also meant mounds of snow that had to be shoveled, virtual isolation when the roads were bad, and temperatures that frequently dropped down to thirty or even forty below zero. The summer people had left Eden Lake right after the Labor Day weekend to return to their snug winter homes in the cities.

Their cabins on the lakeshore stood vacant, their pipes wrapped with insulation to keep them from freezing in the subzero winter temperatures, and their windows boarded up against the icy winds that swept across the frozen surface of the lake. Now only the locals were in residence and the population of Lake Eden, which nearly quadrupled over the summer months, was down to less than three thousand.

Ron LaSalle was standing by the dock of the Cozy Cow Dairy, loading his truck for his commercial route. By this time of the morning, Ron had finished delivering dairy products to his residential customers, placing their milk, cream, and eggs in the insulated boxes the dairy provided. The boxes were a necessity in Minnesota.

They kept the contents cool in the summer and protected them from freezing in the winter. Ron was cupping his jaw with one hand and his pose was pensive, as if he were contemplating things more serious than the orders he had yet to deliver. Hannah would be seeing him later, when he delivered her supplies, and she made a mental note to ask him what he'd been thinking about. Ron prided himself on his punctuality and the Cozy Cow truck would pull up at her back door at precisely seven thirty-five.

After Ron had delivered her daily order, he'd come into the coffee shop for a quick cup of coffee and a warm cookie. Hannah would see him again at three in the afternoon, right after he'd finished his routes. That was when he picked up his standing order, a dozen cookies to go. Ron kept them in his truck overnight so that he could have cookies for breakfast the next morning. Ron looked up, spotted her at the stoplight, and raised one hand in a wave. Hannah gave him a toot of her horn as the light turned green and she drove on by.

With his dark wavy hair and well-muscled body, Ron was certainly easy on the eyes. Hannah's youngest sister, Michelle, swore that Ron was every bit as handsome as Tom Cruise and she'd been dying to date him when she was in high school. Even now, when Michelle came home from Macalester College, she never failed to ask about Ron.