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University of Toronto Press It does not purport to be a new critical edition of the Alerion text; the editors have consulted allthe manuscripts containing thedit, buthave worked primarily from those used as base by Hoepffner in his classic edition for the Societe des Anciens Textes , departing only occasionally from Hoepffner's text to give preference to a variant reacting, documented in the critical notes.

Punctuation and text divisions have been changed frequently, however, without notice, making it difficult for a comparatist reader to undertake a close study of the original through the translation. The translation itself is attractively done, but it is far from literal. The intention was to I convey a sense of the texture and style of the original poem,' and this has been achieved as far as possible. But the result - a highly readable, attractive, semi-verse text - may be said to belong to the translator, in this case Constance Hieatt, as much as it does to Guillaume de Machaut.

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Many readers might have preferred the literal English prose translation that was prepared by Minnette Gaudet, as an intermediary between the original and the final verse rendition by Hieatt, especially if it had been presented alongside the original text in facing-page presentation. The introduction is helpful, particularly the pages dealing with possible sources and influences, in which it is demonstrated how difficult and complex it is to trace such forces.

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The matter of the numerical signature, long misunderstood, is explained with clarity and precision. There is extensive commentary on the style of the original poem, indicating the delicate shadings of tone, verbal echoing, and word-play, all essential elements of the poetic genius of Gy. The pomt is well emphasized that the poem is not an allegory as such, but a serious work on falconry itself, accompanied by a series of reflections on courtly love suggested by the falconry episodes.

Brownlee's notion oftwo 'registers' involving falconry on the onehand and amatory discussion on the other is exploited very successfully to indicate the delicate balance between the two, which are kept separate, but are linked in various ways to maintain the possibility of applying parallels and comparisons from one to the other.

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The Tale of the Alerion. Description Machaut ca. This verse translation makes available to students of medieval literature his long narrative poem, the D show more.

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