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The ocean will kill you. It's a good business to get out of. By DNews. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Email. Share on Facebook Tweet this article. Complain about this comment Comment number 1. Complain about this comment Comment number 2. One of the most pointless things i've seen on TV, half of the time the 2 characters were walking in an alley holding hands. I was expecting it to go into more detail, the whole thing was a complete waste of time. Complain about this comment Comment number 3. Aisling Loftus for me is one to watch.. I really got into the head of the teenager who's life was going through a series of turmoils Complain about this comment Comment number 4.

Complain about this comment Comment number 5. I can see alot of people are quite negative about it saying its 'pointless' or 'dismal' but I think both Aisling and Jack have done it really well.

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As soon as I switched on the channel I couldn't take my eyes off it. Plus, she is really gorgeous :P. Complain about this comment Comment number 6. He said nothing happened in the 1st 20 mins so he switched off! Does he know about them, has he even heard of them?

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This contemporary drama had to show how un-spectacular the charactrs lives were, It's a contempoary drama" it hads to been seen because it introduced the characters and set up the plot for the drama to follow… and what a drama! It's about choices, fear, desire, love and consequences. Yes … it had a dark, hum drum depressing feel. However, I watched it to the end of the first episode and found it very emotional, thought provoking, brilliantly acted and brilliantly shot.

However, we did watch it on Freesatt with the descriptive audio commentary which did add something to those many thought provoking moments with Aisling Loftus.

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Complain about this comment Comment number 7. I enjoyed Part 1, not the sort of show that is usually on primetime. Reminded me in a good way of the old Scene dramas that BBC showed in the late 90s. Complain about this comment Comment number 8. I really enjoyed watching Dive last night. I thought the acting was fantastic! Jack O'Connell, in my opinion, is an absolute superb actor, who keeps delighting me with every performance I have seen him in.

Aisling was great too, she played the role of Lindsey so well. This drama brought lots of memories back to me of what it was like at school. Maybe, for some people there was not enough talking between Lindsey and Robert, but thats how most boys and girls act when they first start seeing each other, I know thats what I was like anyway!

I'm sure we are going to see a lot more of Jack and Aisling in future roles.

The Dive! story

I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all ends. Complain about this comment Comment number 9. For Alans post above; The music used in the opening sequence is. Complain about this comment Comment number I loved it, it was brilliant. After weeks and weeks of Football and that terrible James Corden's world cup programme, which is all thats ever on in my house, it was such a refreshing change. Loved the two characters very much and even though I am probably out of touch with young people it did remind me of my teenage years and feelings when my parents split up. I enjoyed first episode and look forward to second part.

Thought the acting was very realistic. Agree that the music could be better. Does anyone know the name of the song BBC used in the advertising of the programme? The acting captured the emotions of dealing with responsibility and living your dreams perfectly.

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Absolutely beautiful and heart felt effort Well it may have been beautifully acted and had lovely music but unfortunately it utterly failed to portray a realistic picture of an elite sporting performer's life. The pool scenes were ridiculous - at 7. And it also beggars belief that such a passive, not very bright girl with no evidence of the necessary drive and motivation could have got to the elite level - and if she had managed it, by this time her focus on her sport and the Olympic dream would have been so all-consuming that she would have been off to the abortion clinic without a second thought.

No, as a drama about two ordinary young people it would have worked brilliantly, but to give it the sporting angle with so little attempt to put it in a realistic context was just a gimmick which only served to annoy me and, I suspect, anyone else who has any involvement in elite sport.

Fairly uninspired commentary of British teenage life. I can't help but notice similarities in the atmosphere created in most Shane Meadows films. Can't fault the acting though, suberb. Thought that this was a moving piece of drama. Superb acting, great music and clever photography. Well done BBC - more of the same please! I enjoyed it, the two main characters were very good. BUT who on earth chose the awful music that kept jumping in at random times like a depressing dirge. Terrible choice of music.

This was a very powerful drama about two young people having to deal with the trials and tribulations of modern life. I love gritty dramas and this was beautifully acted by very talented actors.

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Music was annoying. This aside, I was very disapointed by the writers take on diving. Diving is the happening sport of the moment due to the popularity of Tom Daley, I am sure this had something to do with the writer choosing this sport. I am a former international diver myself. I started when I was 7 and had to work my way up winning competitions to get noticed. I had to already be in the top 3 or 4 in the country and have represented GB to be even considered for selection onto the Olympic development squad.

It takes year of dedication and money to get to the top. If you do not live near one of the countries centres of excellence, you have to move. It is all consuming and hard work especially during the school years having to balance both. You would never train in isolation on a one to one with your coach, it just doesn't happen. You would already be on one of the national development squads to even be considered.

No pool anywhere would allow you in on your own with just your boyfriend. She inspired a love of her subject in many young people over the years. Those of us at school are very shocked. Security fences were erected in the wake of the two tragedies but were badly vandalised by youths within days of going up. SNP councillor Alice McGarry said businesses were working on a scheme to set up a supervised diving centre at the site. This will be a controlled dive centre. A diving club, Forth Diver Training, last year announced plans to provide training courses at the quarry as well as improving water safety awareness.

By Wilma Riley.